What you need to know about Buymeds Online

A lot of patience struggle to secure life saving medication because they do not have a prescription. At Buymeds Online we  not only make this problem go away we provide discreet, insured and timely shipping to make sure your medication package get to you when you need them and not a second later

CEO Pajlibo Foborpi

Buymeds Onlinetoday is a your reliable drug store. Our only mission is to facilitate  good health and thus a higher quality of life for all persons including those without the means to move to secure such medications. We strive to provide FDA approved drugs to all patients in need with or without prescription.

Over the years, Buymeds  Onlinetoday has built a vast distrubution network which enables us to ship securely and discreetly to addresses all over the globe. Our packages are vacuum sealed in disguised tins with 100% success rate.  Our vast distrubution netwoek enables us deliver packages with the USA, CA, AUS, EU and UK

” At Buymeds Online-Today,  the  type and quality of drugs available   are generic  and we only provide drugs that are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved”


Buymeds Online operates on a strict to know basis and would only ever ask for information that is absolutely necessary to process your order and facilitate smooth transit from Buymeds Online to our customers. This information normally includes name, delivery address, email and phone number. To ensure the safety of your information Buymeds Online will never intentionally release sensitive customer  information to any third party.


We endeavor to provide multiple payment options for our customers.

  1. MoneyGram/Western Union at Buymeds Online   to complete your order visit the nearest moneygram or western union agency. These transactions are fast and simple
  2. CashApp This option is only available to customers in the united states of america. Upon checkout completion details will be sent to you by email.
  3. Bitcoin Satoshi released bitcoin and its white paper in 2009 it has since grown in strength as a store of value and a means and a digital currency. Bitcoin transactions can literally be completed within seconds as they do not need a middle man such as banks. To learn more about purchasing bitcoin with credit or debit card  click here!